A Sticky Situation

We take the quality and suitability of the products we use to manufacture and supply our exhibition display work as paramount, to ensure our products are made to the best standard that can be produced, ensuring durability and longevity, all options need to be considered.
Often there are cost implications to this, meaning our offerings maybe a little more costly, but for that extra you can be assured it will function as you expect it to on the day, and for the long term.

Small details make a huge difference, take our Seamless Semi Rigid Rollable Printed Shell Scheme Stand Panel Graphics, these are fixed to click in adapters with hook and loop (Velcro), hook on the adapter, loop on the rear of the panel, the adapters attaching to the shell booth upright supports.
The finishing process requires the Velcro to be applied to the rear of the graphic panel and then carefully sliced, a cut made between each of the corrugations on the Corriboard, leaving just small areas of the self adhesive backing on the Velcro to bond to the board.

We use a polypropylene based machined corrugated board (like your estate agents board, but it can be rolled). Using the incorrect adhesive backed Velcro leads to failure of the adhesive over time – so when its time to take down the panels or pull them out of storage for reuse – the Velcro loop will have lost its adhesion to the board.

Velcro manufacture 3x types of pressure sensitive roll hook and loop:
1) PS14, a rubber resin based adhesive, for most clean and smooth surfaces. (except any kind of plastifying)
2) PS15, Rubber block copolymer, (except any kind of plastifying). Works well on Polyolefin substrates (ie polyethylene and polypropylene).
3) PS18, Water based acrylic polymer, good on most clean and smooth surfaces. (Except polypropylene and other non-polar materials)

In the interests of balance, 3M® produce a competing product called Dual Lock®, this is a one part self engaging mushroom fastener (ass opposed to ‘hook and loop’ which is 2 part), with an Acrylic adhesive.

So, in essence, when a product is manufactured by us, we make sure its right, we take a proactive approach to ensure the components that are mixed together work correctly.

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