Exhibition stand break down time

A recent ‘letters’ article in the trade press complained about the amount of time given to exhibition stand contractors at the end of some shows to allow for breakdown, we will testify to the mad scrum that can occur – in some cases just 2/3 hours, there are no time slots as its such a short period, and needless to say it can feel like waiting at the starting block for the event hall to clear.

The article went on to explain how one of the staff members breaking down trapped his foot under the tail lift on the truck under time pressure, very nasty, all for the sake of the organiser saving a bit of money !
A retort was then published by an organiser trying to explain that profits their end were being squeezed, and cost savings needed to be made – hence the reducing time given by organisers to contractors to breakdown and clear the hall. The reply went on to blame customers (and contractors) for wishing to exhibit with ‘overly’ extravagant stands stating that the large budgets given one year – with most likely a poor ROI meant a no show at the next event, which hurt both organiser and exhibition stand contractor – surely that is the choice of the customer, if a stand is unsuccessful they will scale back the next time they wish to exhibit – how can the organiser be sure the ‘low ROI’ is a result of having a ‘swanky’ stand. A show with good stand design will attract more visitors surely – who wants to attend some dull show with unattractive stands.
Any bespoke stand design is a complex delicate beast, and needs to be handled with care – especially if to be reused. Trying to rush the taking apart and repacking will mean broken components and parts of the stand, some of which may have taken hours of hand work to create.
My question is how much does it cost to keep a hall open for a few hours longer ?? maybe the person shuffling the numbers should work at the sharp end and do a few shows to experience the chaos … sounds like penny pinching, if the organisers end up with a hall full of dull uninteresting stands, with a low turn out, they know who to look to.