Olympia not to go same way as Earls Court

Image By Chris McKenna (Thryduulf), CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=663214

Article taken from the London Forum:


Olympia Exhibition site plans

The new owners of the Olympia Exhibition site, a German-based
company YOO, have appointed Thomas Heatherwick Studios and
SPPARC architecture as their principal architects/designers.
Members of the Hammersmith Society have attended recent
consultation events organised by this team, and are pleased to
note that the existing main exhibition venues, including the Grand
and National Halls, are proposed to be retained and improved.
Now that Earl’s Court no longer exists as a venue, Olympia is
recognised as all the more important, particularly given that the
exhibition market is buoyant. The owners aim to provide 24 hour
public accessibility, and to deal with the huge problems of
commercial traffic involved with the exhibitions. The architecture
team are keen to restore the Upper Pillar Hall to its former glory, but
the exhibition halls are the priority and planning applications are
being submitted for these in the first instance. The works will have
to be phased over several years in order to keep the exhibition halls
operational, and further consultation events are planned